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Since 1994, we have performed more than 1,000 automation projects in residential & commercial field, from 200 to 20,000 sq.m. We cooperate with the most important and specialized construction companies as well as with individual engineers and clients. Our system operates flawlessly in outstanding buildings, in high standards residences but also in simpler structures. Our philosophy is invariant as all our customers are equally important.

Flexibility – Economy

Using EIB / KNX technology to its maximum, the unique global automation technology open protocol (ISO / IEC 14543), we do not only have the ability to fully control all electrical / mechanical building operations but also to connect with almost any third party system. Choosing products between more than 300 companies worldwide, we optimize the cost / benefit ratio , making it quite attractive and clearly comparable with conventional installations .


Our work relies on a fully integrated philosophy of an open system protocol . Our customers do not depend on a specific manufacturer, either in the present or in the future . Our projects, even older than the 1990s , are always up to date and upgradeable , giving a wide variety of products from more than 300 companies worldwide . No other option provides such durability and long lasting compatibility with evolving technologies .


Our longtime involvement with different projects requirements , combined to the application knowledge of  thousands of different devices , allows us to approach each project with the best techno-economic way . Our partnership with project owners , users, engineers and technicians enables us to understand the needs and requirements of each individual project , designing and completing our systems in accordance with the needs and desires of our customers..


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Through our systems, we achieve ergonomic handling, energy saving, safety, comfort and luxury, depending on the needs and desires of our customers

Our company has as main goal, the effective integration of modern technologies and building automation control in new and existing structures.

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